Signature Line Uprights

Signature Line instruments are aimed at demanding customers. They offer the best possible sound and playing style.

All Signature Line instruments feature a Renner actionRenner Premium hammerheadsRöslau string wire, a soundboard made of fine Sitka spruce and are meticulously crafted by our experienced piano technicians in Eisenberg.

Wilh. Steinberg S-117

Even our most compact piano of the Signature Line can convince with its mature acoustic construction with a full, dynamic sound. The action is also convincing with its Kluge keyboard and Renner action all along the line. Thus, even the highest demands on the playing style are met.

Our smallest made in Germany piano is a real manufacture piano: fine, chiseled sound, valuable acoustic system and real European sound culture.

Dimensions: 145,5 × 116 × 59 cm (BxHxT)     Weight: 210 kg


With its standard height of 125 cm, our Signature Line S-125 is one of the most popular models.

Our well thought-out cabinet design allows a playing table height of 70cm even with this size and thus offers even taller piano players (m/f/d) sufficient legroom.

The S-125 knows how to convince in all aspects: Acoustic system, Renner action, clever keyboard and craftsmanship make this model the most popular within the Signature Line.

Dimensions: 145,5 × 124,5 × 65 cm (BxHxT)      Weight: 220 kg


The Signature Line S-130 is a piano built to withstand the heaviest of loads, meeting every challenge in playing feel and sound volume. The finest materials are shaped into a masterpiece with perfect craftsmanship. Let yourself be inspired by the largest possible dynamic range of our concert piano.

The Signature S-130 offers you powerful bass and a full, round, radiant tone. A true German concert piano.

Dimensions: 145,5 × 129 × 65 cm (BxHxT)      Weight: 250 kg